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     Balbu-Cine BOX


     After self-publishing flip-book, Colorant14 are exploring  the world of pre-cinema. Following an initial order for the paper museum, the Pole image Magelis and Poitou Charente Cinema, in France they have created an educational kit called "the Box Balbu-Ciné".

    It makes it possible to explore the B.A.-BA of the cinema. It enables one to experience the first attempts of moving-picture animation. A kind of "curiosity cabinet", the cine-kit takes a hands-on approach to cinema history. Ten classic cinematic devices have been selected to represent the historical development of the movies. 

    We reproduce the box to make it  available to a larger public.

     Many institutions in France and Belgium  bought our Balbu-Cine Box :The BDE essone and ACAP ( pole image picardie),  each acquired duplicata of the Balbu-Cine Box.                                                              Also BD nord, ACAP, Pole MAGELIS, Alhambra cinema bought  2 Balbu-Cine Box and paris Cinematheque : 10 !!

    From 2013 and till 2023  PARIS CITY bought  severaL box for a cinematheque Robert Lynen. Some Cinema bought it too, from french cities like Gonesse, Gençay and  Chatellerault and soon Fosses and Pantin...A belgium intitution bought part of the box too.

    see the map  with all the buyers


    No order possible anymore for 2024, neither in 2025 .  


        For images and description  review of The Balbu-Cine Box, click on the link below

    Télécharger « 2023 Review Balbu-Cine-Box-english 2023.pdf »

       To see some pictures without downloading, go to the section "La Boite à Balbu-Ciné"

      Now :  Practical details (size, work required ...)

    objective /

       It has educational aims and it also may be interesting for collection.


     manufacturing /

       All those wood items are handmade by us in Colorant14's small workshop.  Many hours are required for its completion.

     Wood used are birch plywood and poplar (nothing exotic).

    The paper is only recycled or FSC labelled.

    The transparency-prints are equivalent to slides (Duraclear). All objects are protected by an acrylic varnish (toy standard EN71-3). The leaves of the viewer and index  are plastic-coated with recyclable PET ( polyester base without chlorine or heavy metals).

      MADE IN  DIGNITY. Article in  "Making OFF" section

      dimensions /

      *dimensions: the oval case is 56 X 56 cm (22 x 22 in)  handle and foot included, 
    (outside depth 28 cm. (11 inch)                                                                                                          .  All other dimension are in the pdf review.


      Price /

    The price  is ....( parcel on top ) ( no VAT  is applied)

     we are studying  the new price for 2026 )

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